Monday, August 17, 2009

Why T finally woke up long enough to let me snap a few. I think his pretty blue eyes are a little sensitive to light.

Venus II

Shy boy Vega.


Do these spots make me look fat?

This is Rainbow....

You can't blame me for thinking she is pregnant!

Oh Henry and The Sheriff

Mr. Mischief is always ready to strike a pose for me! May


Ghilley and MilkShakes

Milkshakes and Ghilley

I got to hang out with Little Bit O Honey a lot today. She was hard to get a picture of because she was following so closely. She is a lover!

With Mr. Mischief

After a roll in the mud!


The three sisters all stacked up... from back to front, Kelly, Kipper and Twixxie

Good mama, Kelly, watching over Olive while she snoozes.

Olive and Vega

Gofer the Gold - Rock Star! I've watched him change from a pretty solid palomino into this guy you see here.


Showing off his crazy do!





Glory came back to us the same time Bambino did. As you can see, she loves to eat! She couldn't even stop for a second to get her picture taken! She is 8 uears old this year. She did have a late foal this past winter but, unfortunately the little filly didn't make it. I think she is going to be a great mom some day. We are trying to find a good home for her.
My Girl Fiona! LOVE her!

Photo Shoot

This is Bambino. He came back to us a couple of months ago and has settled back in well. However, he is ready to find a new home whenever someone is ready for him! He is a 2 year old gelding with a really a sweet heart! Just look at those legs!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh Henry!

Oh Henry was born July 10th and I am just now getting around to taking some pictures of him! His mom is Penny Candy and his dad is Gofer the Gold. He is gorgeous!