Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Shuffle

Bambino and ElDuque came back from their summer vacation at the neighbors house last week. They are very well behaved!

Today we moved them to another pasture with the big herd and brought Cocoa and Red Clover up to the house. Bugs, Cocoa and Red Clover are going to move to Nebraska this month!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Herd in all it's glory

I have had some requests for pictures of the parents of all our little guys so, I thought I would put everyone on here...

Introducing the cast of Bar Bar E Pony Ranch...

Candy Kiss

Candy Kiss, affectionately called 'granny', is a 33 1/4 inch AMHR registered grey mare. She was born on 5/24/1984 to Taffy and Ringo. She has had 7 foals: Penny Candy (1990), Sugar Puff (1996), Male (1997), Male (1998), Candy Twist (01), Kit Kat (02) and Twixxie (04). She is starting to show her age but she has had a fun and full life for sure!


Baby is our wonderful unregistered red roan mare. Born sometime in May of 1988 to an unknown mother that abandoned her at birth, she was raised by a nanny goat right here in our back yard. She is very special. Over the past 20 years, she has given birth to 16 healthy, happy foals. Amazingly, no stillborns, no abortions, no birth defects, I think it has to be some sort of record. Starting in 1993 at 5 years old, she had Hope, Muffin in 94, a boy in 95 (we don't have some of their names), a boy in 96, a girl in 97, Baby's Baby in 98, Sugar in 99, Baby Doll in 00, Sweet Pea in 01, Lullaby in 02, Pippi in 03, Gem in o4, Betsi in 05, Binki in 06, Bambino in 07 and Sweet #16 (sweetie) in 2008.


Molly is a 32 3/4 inch, AMHA & AMHR registered bay roan mare. Born 5/21/88 to Venus and Ringo. She has had 7 foals over the years including Miss Priss, Leo and Joe.


Kilty (actually registered as Kitty due to a penmenship mishap) is a 33 1/2 inch AMHR registered palomino mare. Born 5/20/89 to Irish and Ringo. Her 14 beautiful foals include: (Male,93), Lassy, (Male, 95), Clover, (Male, 98), Star, Bella, Patches, Stoney, Gofer, Kipper, Lil Blue Angel, Ghilley and Knickers.

Penny Candy

Penny Candy is a wonderful AMHR registered 33 1/4 inch grey mare. Born 4/30/1990. Mom Candy Kiss, Dad - Ringo. Her 9 foals include: (Female, 98), Echo, Red Hot, Whopper, Abe (changed to Puck),Tootsie Pop, Cocoa, Milk Shakes and Slo Poke.


Hope is a very special buckskin filly. She was the first foal of Baby born on 6/4/93. In her younger days, she had a difficult pregnancy and is now unable to concieve. I don't have an official measurement on her but she is somewhere around 29 inches tall.


Bow is a 33 3/4 inch AMHR registered red roan mare. Born 5/23/94 (same day as Miss Priss). Mom - Easter Bonnet (deceased) Dad - Ringo. 9 Foals: (Male 96), Kermit, Bobo, Arrow, Quiver, Archie, Miss T, El Duque, Yumi.

Miss Priss

Miss Priss is an AMHA/AMHR 32 1/2 inch bay roan mare. Born 5/23/94. Mom is Molly and Dad is Ringo. Foals: Desert Diamond (2000), Pricilla (01), Little Miss(02), Prince (04), Rainbow (06), Lil' Chap (07) and Rusty (08).

Bailey's Irish Gold

B.I.G. is a beautiful AMHR palomino stud. Born on 5-24-97. Mom - Irish (deceased), Dad - Ringo. He has sired 16 foals since 2003.


Bunny is an AMHR Registered red roan mare. She is 33 1/2 inches tall and was born on 9/20/97. Mom is Easter Bonnet (deceased) and Ringo. Foals: Bugs, Carrot Top and Kit.


Halo is an AMHR registered red roan mare. She is 33 3/4 inches tall. Born on 09/28/1997. Mom - Angel, Dad - Fancy Pants. Foals - Star, SunDog, and Cosmo.


Our main man Leo is double registered with AMHR and AMHA. He is a 31 3/4 inch Bay Roan Pinto born on 5/12/2000. Mom is Molly, Dad is Rambo. He has sired 13 foals since 2004.


Glory is a 38 inch sorrel filly. Born 04/15/01. Mom - Angel, Dad - Rambo.

Gofer The Gold

Gofer is an AMHR registered, 35 inch, Dark Palomino stallion. Born 6/28/03. Mom - Kilty, Dad - Coloriffic.

Tootsie Pop

Tootsie Pop is a beautiful AMHR registered, 33 1/4 inch, sorrel filly. Born - 5-1-04, Mom - Penny Candy, Dad - Coloriffic. First foal - Hot Tamale 5/19/07


Joe is a gorgeous double registered (AMHR & AMHA) gelding. Born 5-08-04. Mom - Molly, Dad, Coloriffic.


Kelly is a 35 1/2 inch sorrel filly. Born 5-09-04. Mom - Irish (deceased), Dad - Coloriffic


Kipper is a 36 inch palomino pinto filly. She is a first time mom this year. Born 05-16-04, Mom - Kilty, Dad - Coloriffic. First foal - Fiona 6/3/08


Twixxie is a 35 inch bay roan filly. born 6-16-04, Mom - Candy Kiss, Dad - Coloriffic

Venus II

Venus is a 33 inch unregistered buckskin filly. Born 6-16-05. Mom - Venus (deceased), Dad - Bailey's Irish Gold.


Star is an AMHA registered red roan filly. Born 10-17-05, Mom - Halo, Dad - Smokey


Rainbow is an AMHR registered red pinto filly. Born - 5-19-06, Mom - Miss Priss, Dad - Leo

Red Clover

Red Clover is a tiny 28 inch tall red pinto filly with a slight underbite. Born 6-9-06, Mom - Irish (deceased), Dad - Leo


Cocoa is a 32 3/4 inch tall grey filly with a bit of an underbite, Born - 6-9-06, Mom - Penny Candy, Dad - Leo

Miss T

33 inch tall AMHR registered Dark Palomino filly, Born 7-31-06, Mom - Bow, Dad - Bailey's Irish Gold


29 1/2 inch tall AMHR registered red roan stallion, Born - 8-7-06, Mom - Bugs, Dad - Bailey's Irish Gold


Kellyn's big boy Ghilley. AMHR registered, Born on 5-17-07, Mom - Kilty, Dad - Leo

Milk Shakes

Alleigh's precious AMHR registered Stallion! Born 6-1-07, Mom - Penny Candy, Dad - Leo

El Duque

Red Roan Stallion (on the left), 6-19-07, Mom - Bow, Dad - Bailey's Irish Gold

Carrot Top

Carrot Top AMHR registered filly- 8-7-07, Red Roan, Mom - Bunny, Dad - Bailey's Irish Gold

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Worth the Wait

He is fianlly here! Slo Poke arrived last night. He has a little bit of the 'sleepy colt'. Which means he has an infection that makes him listless. We are treating him with antibiotics and keeping a close eye on this little guy! Other than that, he is beautiful! 21" tall and a very pretty silver buckskin coloring. His mom is Penny Candy and dad is Bailey's Irish Gold.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Bunny had a little filly this morning. We are going to call her Kit. I learned this morning that a baby rabbit is called a kit or kitten or a kindle. She is a beautiful 20.5 inch bay roan. Her daddy is Leo.

Friday, June 13, 2008


This is Yumi, a sorrel pinto filly born on June 12, 2008. Her mom is Bow and her dad is Leo. We have been waiting for her for a while now. It is good to see her so healthy and happy. She is 21.75" tall.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fiona close up

We got to pet on Fiona this morning. She is pretty sweet!

Friday, June 6, 2008


We've decided to call Kippers little filly Fiona. Kipper is a first time mom and taking it very seriously. We can't get very close to her to take any great pictures. She is doing very well.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Arrivals

"Sweet 16 of Bar Bar E"
"Sweetie" is the 16th foal of our favorite mare 'Baby'. Already he is very playful and friendly.
Born: 05/22/08
Height: 17"
Sex: Male
Color: Red Roan

"Kilty's Knickers"
Knickers will be AMHR registered. His Mom is a beautiful palomino named Kilty and his dad is a very handsome pinto named Leo.
Born: 05/29/2008
Height: 21.5"
Sex: Male
Color: Chestnut Pinto


Rusty is a gorgeous little guy. His mom is a bay roan named Miss Priss. She is AMHA registered and he will be too.

Born: 06/02/08 Height:22" Sex: Male Color: Red Roan




No name yet!

This little girl was a complete surprise. We didn't know mom was pregnant! Her mom is a palomino pinto named Kipper and dad is (we think) a buckskin named Smokey. If you have any name suggestions, let me know. We like to name the baby something related to the mom (that's Kipper... as in smoked herring... good luck).

Born:06/03/08 Height: ? Sex: Female Color: Red Roan


Another beautiful little boy! His mom is a red roan named Halo. He will be AMHA registered.

Born: 06/04/08 Height: 21.5 Sex: Male Color: Bay Roan