Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gotta get a better picture of Slo Poke without his winter coat!
Little Bit O Honey is Twixxie's first foal. She has a little bit of an underbite so, we are waiting to see if it corrects itself!

Why T is a pretty little AMHR registered perlino stud out of Miss T. He is going to be a lady killer for sure!
Sun Dog is a beautiful 1 year old unregistered palomino stud. His eyes are dark blue and brown mixed and he has shed off a bit darker than this picture. He is unregistered only because his mom had a bit of an identity crisis, was accidentally confused with another mare and put with the wrong stud. So, he is pedigree but, it may take a little more work (and DNA testing) to get him properly registered! This little guy is super friendly!
This is Slo Poke, the class clown. He is a 1 year old AMHR registered silver buckskin. One of my favorites!
Knickers is a 1 year old AMHR registered stud. I am very surprised he hasn't sold yet. This one you have see in person to appreciate.
Kit is a 1 year old AMHR registered silver bay roan. She is very willing and likes to be in on all the action!
Kipper is a 5 year old palomino paint that is AMHR B class registered. She had her first foal last year, Fiona. Very sweet disposition.
Twixxie is a 5 year old silver bay roan mare that is registered AMHR B class. She had her first foal this year, Little Bit O Honey out of Leo. She would make a good riding or cart horse with a little work!

Kelly is a beautiful AMHR B class, 5 year old Sorrel mare and had her first foal this year. Olive is a leggy sorrel pinto out of our favorite stud Leo. Both are going to make great riding ponies some day!