Friday, April 22, 2011

Monday, July 12, 2010

Isis posing for her summer pictures

They are all very concerned with my arrival.

Miss TThat's more like it, Slo Poke can't wait to get closer.


Thursday, June 10, 2010


Kit was feeling a bit under the weather so she spent the last week in our windbreak recovering. Her runny nose is mostly cleared up now so, I think she will rejoin the herd this morning. She misses them a lot!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer time

Yumi, our beautiful 2 year old B class mare and Penny Candy having a little quality time.

Missing her mama really bad. She is such a sweet little thing. Just 28 inches at 8 months.

Yumi - 34.5 at 2 years
Ghilley, Kellyn's gelding gets to hang with the ladies this year... lucky guy

Retired at last!

Penny Candy (20) and Baby (22) get to start enjoying their retirement this summer. Baby had 16 foals in 16 years. I think she has earned her time off!

L to R - Bambino, Bunny and Baby. Red Roans everywhere. Bambino and Bunny are moving to Idaho soon so, there will be a little less confusion around here!

L to R - The mare we used to call Halo and now we just call her mystery, Hope (17) and Molly (22). Hope and Molly are retired and enjoying the good life, the mystery mare is still under investigation but enjoying her time off!

All the little Boys

Cosmo (on the left) is an unregistered 2 year old colt. His partner in crime, Mr. Mischief (on the right) is a one year old, double registered colt. They would make a great team!

This is my pretty little buckskin colt, Oh Henry! He needs a little help getting rid of that winter coat.

All but two of the little boys, it would be nice to find homes for most of them! From left to right they are: Oh Henry, The Sheriff of Bar Bar E, Vega, Mr. Mischief, Knickers and Cosmo.

Mr. Mischief and Cosmo again.

Pretty, Pretty Knickers

This is Knickers. He is 2 this year and right around 31 inches. If he doesn't sell this year, I may have to breed him to a couple mares next year. He is such a pretty little guy, these pictures just don't do him justice.

Oh Henry is a year old and right about 29.5 inches tall. He is going to stay with us at least for a little while to see how he matures! I am really excited about this guy. His dad is a sooty palomino named Gofer the Gold and his mom is Penny Candy.
Snow Big Deal and Slo Poke clowning it up for the camera.

Slo Poke is the sweetest, most gentle little guy you will ever meet. He makes my heart melt every time! He is 2 this year and just 30.5 inches tall. He is having some issues with his left eye and can not see out of it right now. We will visit the vet next week to see if it is permanent.
This is Snow Big Deal, he will be leaving us soon to go to his new home in Idaho.


Milkshakes got his first mares on Sunday. Hopefully he will figure out what to do with them!Milkshakes

Miss Priss. She's thrilled, she really is.
Venus II. They aren't as closely related as they look!

Irish Gold

Irish Gold gets Miss T and KipperI just can't seem to get a picture of him that does him justice. He really is a gorgeous boy!

Time to get back to breeding. We turned the studs out on the 6th....

Just Star, Bow and Kilty for Leo this year.
Leo surveying his herd. It's a little smaller this year than past years.